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If you haven’t already seen, Foggy Dress had some work done over the past few months… At the end of 2015 my blog was hacked, and I had to shut it down for a while. My brother did most of the “heavy lifting” to get my blog back and running, and I decided to give the blog a much needed “face lift”. My crazy talented sister-in-law even designed my new logo.


I can’t believe I didn’t blog the whole time I was in Pasadena. It took some time to get the blog back up and running, what with work + life getting in the way…(: and I’m still tweaking it here and there, so pardon the weirdness you may encounter from time to time. Here are more pictures of our back-house rental in Pasadena…


We’re moving around while AKG does his last few medical rotations. In the meantime we have been staying in adorable (very) little spaces.

This place was small, but open up those glass doors and the inside blended perfectly with the outside patio seating. The bed folded into the wall, and everything else (even the kitchen island!) was on wheels, minus the bars stools. Not pictured is a cozy little garden just beyond the patio seating. It held kumquat, grapefruit, pomegranate, and fig trees. It also had a covered dining table + chairs to seat friends and family when they came for dinner.


Can you find my hidden basket of laundry that needs to be folded? It’s always lurking somewhere, no matter how much laundry I fold.


One of my favorite things about this place was the spa-like bathroom! I didn’t originally  intend to post these pictures on Foggy Dress, I just wanted them as a keep-sake so I could remember. So please pardon the picture quality of the little bathroom with the tallest ceiling ever! I tried to crop + lighten the picture so you could see a little better…


Real stone pebbles were placed on the floor, it felt like a foot massage every time you walked on it.  It had a jet tub that I used often, and the skylight at the top made me want skylights in every room of my (dream) house someday.

IMG_0684I’m now in San Francisco, which is like the only place I could go after Pasadena and not be sad. But still…I miss this little place!

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