Happy New Year ~ 2015


Ringing in the new year with the in-laws, cheers! I am telling myself that I am not sick. I am only tired. That sore throat is just a little “bug” that is not going to ruin my vacay. In the meantime, I’m downing DayQuil (they were sold out of the Equate brand equivalent that is $3 cheaper…I am still bitter about paying a premium for the stuff) and trying not to overdose on sugar (semi-impossible). Hope you are ringing in the new year with loved ones, and that you make wonderful things happen in your life this next year. Don’t forget to watch the Rose Parade on TV, new year’s day!

Here is a look at what my life has been like the past few weeks (hence me not posting lately)…basically, it’s been a whole lot of traveling (LA to St. George to SLC to Brian Head and back) and a whole lot of family and friends. Enjoy ~~








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