hair: the two minute gold bow


Like I’ve said before, I could probably buy a pretty gold bow…but why buy it when you can make and design it yourself? Since my hair is brown (hazelnut?), I love wearing gold; it really POPS. This would be something fun to do at a party, or to make as gifts for friends. Don’t be surprised if some of you receive these for Christmas next year!

You could follow this tutorial & use any kind of stiff fabric/ribbon/whatever-this-stuff-is. I used “glitter strips” from Joanns.



  • bobby pins
  • a cheap and ghetto glue gun (well just a glue gun will suffice, but mine was really cheap & is really ghetto–whenever I put it down, it would drip glue!! gahh)
  • stiff ribbon
  • scissors¬†

blog bows


  1. Loop ribbon to form one side of the bow. Pinch together.
  2. Loop other side & pinch together. Adjust size of loop according to size of bow desired.
  3. Holding the center, cut off excess.
  4. Glue loose ends together, overlapping about 1/2 inch.
  5. Now glue the middle together.
  6. Make a small loop to cover middle.
  7. Wrap around, so the loose ends are overlapping about 1/2 inch. Cut off excess.
  8. IMPORTANT: only glue loose ends together; do not glue the loop to the bow because you need a space for the bobby pin!


Step 9: wear and enjoy! (I got that ^ double bow by repeating steps 1-4, overlapping the two loops, glueing them– slightly slanted –together, and completing steps 5-8).

hugs, hanalei.

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