Fun Things To Do At The Beach

foggydress_beach As you can tell, I spent most of May at the beach. Only 35mins until sand is between my toes, sun is on my face, and a cold ocean water  is cooling me off. We try and spend every spare minute soaking up all Newport has to offer.

I have no doubt that you would have plenty of fun just lounging around on your towel, at the beach (with a heaping layer of sunscreen lathered on, of course). But in case you go with friends, and you don’t want them to think you’re lame, here are a few suggestions for having fun with friends at the beach:

foggydress_beachGo boogie boarding – or learn how to! It’s been years since I went, for some reason. But when I got on a board this summer my body remembered just what to do. Kind of like when you learn how to snowboard or ride a bike…even though you don’t go for ages, your body doesn’t forget how to do it. Costco is selling boogie boards for only $25 right now…grab ’em before they’re gone!



foggydress_beachFly a kite – this is always fun to do. And, if you tie the kite up to your chair, it also helps keep track of where your “spot” is. Just tell your friends who show up late that you’re chilling with Darth Vader; they’ll find you in no time.

foggydress_beachDig for sand crabs and have crab races – these guys are little, but they’re fun to play with (actually I don’t think they’re fun to play with considering I didn’t touch them; they’re just fun to watch:). Put two or more in the center of a towel or surface, and the first one to run to the edge wins. Keep them hydrated of course, and put them back nicely when you’re finished.



foggydress_beachTake a nice long walk on the shore – and consider this your mental health therapy.

foggydress_beachHave a picnic – Mmm …yummy chicken thai wraps. Don’t forget the water melon!

foggydress_beachBury your friends – and make them into something cool, like a mermaid ^^.

foggydress_beachI hope you get the chance to have fun at the beach this summer…. :P

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