{friend style} dress: for sunshine + palm tress


I just came back from another trip to So Cal. I grew up near a little ol’ town called Pasadena (anyone know the song?), where the palm trees seem to touch the sky. This trip, I dragged one of my bff’s, Carolina, into showing off her style for a sunny day in paradise, aka home. Here’s what she came up with.

Recently Updated16PS I did a big photographer’s No-No and shot in the sun at noon day. We were drenched in sunshine and heat. But that’s So Cal for ya.




IMG_4561Some fun facts about her before we go: Her first languages (in order) were Chinese, Spanish (she was born in Colombia) and then English. She is one of those friends that gives from her heart, and leaves you off a better person. Thanks for being my model and showing off your style, girl!

hugs, hanalei

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  1. Hana – you are so sweet — I think about what you say here about me and that is super nice but what you don’t know is that I often ask myself ‘WWHGD?’ — no really I do a lol — and the answer is always — she always does what is right and what is good — so basically I am a reflection of you — and basically you just hugely complimented yourself :) love you and am everyday grateful that you are in my life! <3

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