foggy prints: padre day

fathersday1I just bareeeeeely sent out my father’s day cards…I know, not as on top of things as I was during mother’s day. Life as been SO CRAZY over at this house. Since we returned from China, we have had non-stop guests over! We love it, but it just slows us down a bit. I could’ve sworn today was June 2…when I looked at the calendar I could hardly believe it was already the 13th. If I call home to say my father’s day card will be late, does that make up for it actually being late?

IMG_0828I really wish I could send my dad a plate full of delicious homemade food, because that’s what he’d realllyyy love and appreciate. Thank goodness for gift cards, how did people ever manage without them??? Here’s to spending time (if you can) with them, or sending them something you spent time on. Time is about the most precious gift we can give.

PS. A little birdie (aka my girlfriend Booke L.) told me is giving away FREE personalized cards! Valid until June 17th with promo code: TRT6FDEE5F

hugs, hanalei.

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