Estate of Mind

wpid-2015-01-11-07.58.12-2.jpg.jpegI can rarely just keep on driving once I see an “estate sale” sign along the road….I mean just thinking what’s behind those doors… the curiosity kills me!wpid-2015-01-11-08.00.45-2.jpg.jpegThey had a huge rack of fur coats of fox and mink. I felt like I was walking into 1945!

wpid-2015-01-11-08.00.43-2.jpg.jpegAnd these glass frames….seriously, someone had a classy grandma. Which pair do you like best?


I ended up getting a few things, including a gorgeous vintage gold SEIKO watch that needs a little cleaning and a new battery. If you live in the Pasadena/San Marino area, there are always amazing estate sales going on, you just have to dig a little. One house I went to off California Blvd. ended up being the house where they filmed Catch Me If You Can! Sometimes it’s worth a stop just to poke around the old homes… Do you know any good estate sales in the So Cal area? LMK!

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