dress: whip out your summertime hat!

IMG_0486 Hi blogging world…I’m baaack! Sorry for the hiatus but who can be sorry for taking a vacay?? Being away from internet (most of the time), my phone, and everything else was so refreshing. Doesn’t mean I didn’t miss it though! The last of our family (who flew in the day we got back from Hong Kong) have left, as the wedding festivities (brother-in-law got married on Saturday!) have finally concluded. Time to get back in our routine!

Anyway, while I was in Taiwan, I found the most adorable roll up, large brim sun hat. Only $15! I think the brand is from Japan, but I can’t read the label so I’m not sure…

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My last hat was a pain to travel with, because it was impossible to fold up and put away…this hat is perfect for travel, on windy boat rides or cloudy days. Just un-velcro, roll up, and tuck it in your purse! They really should pay be to be their sponsor, sheesh.

Well, with my swimsuit and sunscreen on, it looks like a good time to head to the beach & enjoy the summer sun.

hugs, hanalei

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