dress: like that cute boy I married


“Just stand right there, I need to take some practice shots while I adjust the lighting,” is what I sneakily tell him…all the while I’m taking pictures of his stylin’ Sunday attire…
foggydress_hubby2 He has this thing where, if I suggest he buy something, he automatically vetos it and picks up something else. He does not shop well with others (let alone enjoy shopping at all)! But once a year I coax him into a store, and if he likes what he finds, he buys what he needs for the whole year. WHat?? I shop in little bits all year round. In any case, he ended up with some really good finds (I’m just going to say that I conveniently put those shoes right at eye level on the Nordstrom Rack shelves, where I knew he’d see them…).

PS. Has anyone else been watching So You Think You Can Dance?? It is one of my favorite shows, hands down. I will put all my children through dance, just for the hope of them making it on this show (am I exaggerating a little?… no).

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  1. Hanalei, what a fun girl you are! Your mom has to be so proud of you. So have you decided yet when you will come to Idaho? I’m hosting Charlotte and children, except Andrew; and Maren and Christian and children; and maybe Rachel and Erik; for sure Derek and Eliza; maybe Vanessa; and possibly Marti and Lance and children on the 4th, and we’re going to see the fireworks here, then drive up to Driggs July 5, spend the day there, then come back for the night. Let me know if you want to be with us!

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