dress: for warm weather & V-day

Sometimes I think red is over done the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. So while I was in So Cal, and the sun was a-shinin’, I dressed up in what would or maybe will wear this V-day.

Recently Updated7Electric blue is the new red?? Well that’s what I was going for anyway. (I was also going to say that wrinkled shirts are in, but really I had it in my bag for a week and was too lazy to iron it.)

IMG_3443That is the orange tree in my front yard (we have another in our backyard), and let me tell you honey, you have never tasted an orange so sweet & juicy in your LIFE.

IMG_3435Ok so I set my Cannon Rebel up on a bush and that’s how I got these shots, so sorry if they’re not that interesting (have I mastered the fashion-blogger poses yet??). When I came back from my church mission to Taiwan in 2010, I picked up a pair of these black pleather leggings because everyone was wearing them! Apparently they are trending in the U.S. now…those Asians are always one step ahead. Well I loved and still love them because they are a dose of edgy + feminine and are really comfy.

Note: I have curvy hips & a booty, so I always wear something loose & baggy (hence the hanging grey vest) with these or any legging, to be a bit more modest. ha!

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