Don’t Give Bad Gifts

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It’s Christmas/holiday season, and chances are you’re someone’s secret santa, or just stuck on picking a gift for a family member or friend. And chances are you don’t know exactly what gift they’ll love. And chances also are that you do not want to give them a bad gift that they will loose/throw away/ re-gift. This was my dilemma about a year ago, when brother bear told me about an idea he had. He was visiting home (California) on school break, when he asked me “What if you could send someone a list of gift options, and let them choose which one they wanted?” Genius, I said. Make it happen and I’ll use it. A year later, he and my other brother bear really did make it happen, and Well Gifted was born! I’m SUPER excited to use it now, so don’t be surprised if some of you get a reverse gift registry from moi. Or from an anonymous name (don’t be creeped out, it’s probably just me!).

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He told me his site was in Beta, just fyi. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use, but just in case, there’s a video on the home page detailing how it works. I offered to put my amazing broadcast voice to use in making a super awesome voice over for his video, but he declined. I was rejected by my own brother! Ok ok, getting off topic….

Register for an account first. The only thing is, on Well Gifted you’re not yet able to send registries anonymously. As in, the name you enter when you set up an account is the name that will be emailed to the recipient, along with the reverse registry. I kinda wanted to send mine anonymously since I’m someone’s Secret Santa,  so the way I got around that was to create a fake account like “Secret SantaLovesYou”. Buuuut the problem is the recipient may not want to open an email from someone they don’t know…just another fyi.

Follow these steps:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.15.05 PMIt’s like soooo easy to use guys.

  • Just put in the recipients name & email
  • Then head to Amazon to narrow down your top 3 gift choices. This part is always easiest for me! I can always think of a few things someone would like, but the hardest part is knowing which one they want/need/would use the most.
  • After you’ve narrowed it down, click “Send Email”, and it will send out your gift options. Then once they’ve selected their gift, you’ll be notified and you can buy your gift.
  • Totally easy, am I right? And a lot classier than just straight up asking someone what they want.

Emailed Gift Options

I am so proud of little brother for starting this company! He is an inspiration to me! He has been so very diligent (sometimes too diligent) in working on this (even while in class??? Tssk tssk…).

Building in class

If you use the reverse gift registry from Well Gifted, please be sure to post about it, we want to spread the word! And feel free to tag @wellgiftedco  on twitter. You can find lots of gift ideas on their blog, like Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Women or Top 20 Gift Ideas for Kids. You may even find a few of those blog articles written by yours truly…

Ok, end of big-sister-gushing-over-little-brother-being-all-grown-up-and-starting-companies rant :D

Happy shopping!

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