DIY: fix the worn-down between-the-thigh area in your jeans


SO I was reading some comments over at one of my favorite re-fashion blogs, and someone had asked how to fix a very serious problem: that worn down part of your jeans, between the thighs. Because I definitely do not have sticks for legs (I have what I like to call “runner’s thighs”…), that eventually happens to almost all my denim jeans. I especially hate when this happens to my not-so-cheap jeans (like this pair of Frankie-B’s!). Well this just had to stop, so I came up with a solution that will hopefully work for you too!

Meet the denim patch:

IMG_1660 {left: the adhesive underside that sticks to the denim; right: the denim side}

I bought a pack of these iron-on denim patches from Wal-mart for about $4. I’m pretty sure they typically go on the outside of your torn jeans. However,  I discovered that when you iron them on the inside of a worn down area, they re-enforce that area to make your jeans last longer.


  • iron-on denim patches (any color)
  • scissors
  • iron & ironing board
  • some worn-out jeans!

 photo RecentlyUpdated_zps3f26e962.jpg


  1. Locate the worn down area(s).
  2. Flip jeans inside out and re-locate that worn down spot.
  3. Choose a patch (remember, this will be inside the jean, so any color goes!).
  4. Lay the patch, adhesive side down, onto worn down area. Line it up so that it the patch doesn’t go over a seam. Cut & trim as necessary.
  5. Hold the patch exactly where you want it to go, and (with a heated iron) firmly press iron onto patch. Go over patch with iron several times.
  6. It should stick now! In this picture, I had to cut & overlap two pieces because I was trying to follow the seam, which was curved.

Now, try on your jeans! They’ll be/feel a bit stiff where the patch is, fyi.


Tip: It’s best not to wash denim too much, but in the case that you do–the patches may start to come off, so beware! Also, if you see them start to come off at the edges (this sometimes happens if you don’t place the iron on the patch for long enough) just re-iron and it should re-stick.

hugs, hanalei

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  1. great solution, I deliberately googled this as this happens to ALL my favourite jeans after less than a year. They always look sharp and are perfect apart from these damn crotch holes!! I don’t want to have to replace them all the time because of this so I’ll try your plan!

  2. Reblogged this on this is a work in progress and commented:
    Yesterday my jeans ripped open in the thigh. I know this is supposed to be preventative, but whatevs. I’ll give it a go. I also need to try replacing the zipper in my favorite pair of skinny jeans. Guess I need to look for a tutorial on that, too.

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