DIY: Easy Valentine Grams

foggydress_vday_gramWELL. I guess by now the secret’s out! I’m an official “.com-er” thanks to my big bro who is a very helpful web developer. He saw my potential and bought me the domain name, and has helped me design this super clean & simple layout. It took a few days & a big bump in the road (there might still be a few more), but here she is. I also need to thank Jesse Lee for collaborating with me on a really fun photo shoot, and capturing that cool profile picture you see in the upper left-hand corner.

Since the website has been the source of my attention & time as of late, I didn’t get around to posting these super easy Valentine’s Day Grams! I love sending postcards in the mail because they’re quick & informal &…the postage is cheaper (can you tell AKG is rubbing off on me??). I think some of the best gifts or signs of love we can give each other are kind words of appreciation and admiration.




foggydress_vday_gramI love imperfectness. There’s so much beauty in creating something and just loving it the way it is–flaws & all. Make these grams as goofy, silly, or imperfect as you can, so the person who receives it will know it was not purchased in a store, but made by loving hands.

foggydress_vday_gram Supplies:

  • hard poster paper or card stock (can you tell I used left-over paper from the photo-booth props post?)
  • scissors or a razor & cutting mat
  • a ruler & a black sharpie
  • a postcard (I used our Christmas postcard–can you tell I love postcards yet?)
  • pretty paper
  • gel pens, metallic markers, crayons, whatever you want to use to write with
  • stickers
  • magazines

Keep reading for the full tutorial.

foggydress_vday_gram On your card stock, trace the postcard. Repeat until you have desired amount of cards.

foggydress_vday_gramOn the “back side” of your card, we’re going to make a few lines. With your ruler and black sharpie, draw line one down the middle (or about 2/3 to the right, like I did) and a few lines on the right hand-side for the name & address. Yeah, my lines are different lengths… I was going for A-symmetrical :)

foggydress_vday_gram Get creative! Use metallic markers or white out to make your drawing pop. Find fun paper and get clever with it. Use magazines to cut out words, letters, or phrases. 


foggydress_vday_gram Whoa! Your gram looks good!

high five. -hanalei

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