destination: New York

foggydress_travelI gotta bring a little bit of the west coast (B E A C H) to the east coast. Packing up and hitting the road again! And yes I’m wearing socks with sandals because planes are freezing but it’s too hot to wear shoes. This will be my third plane trip in three weeks so I am getting pretty professional with this whole dress ready to hit the road and see the sites thing! My first stop will be Nashville, a dream of mine to be visiting since I kinda got hooked on the tv show…. Luckily my cousin needs my awesome navigation skills to get her, her puppy dog, and her Uhaul from Nashville to New York. We are going to have ourselves an adventure that ends with me running through central park and combing through NY thrift stores. And maybe a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity….

Any more fun things to suggest in either of these fun citites???


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  1. If you enjoy middle eastern food, We got some SERIOUSLY amazing hummus from “The Hummus Place” in the Upper West Side. It’s kind of sad, because it’s ruined all other hummus for me :) Try it!!!

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