Christmas Praline Crunch


Christmas time is here and it’s time to spread some delicious cheer! Every time I make this it takes everything inside of me not to eat more than a handful and most times I fail miserably and end up doubling the recipe. Here’s my simple holiday snack that I love to wrap up and share with neighbors, co-workers, and friends. This would also be a hit at any holiday party. I like to call it Christmas Crunch, but its street name is Christmas Crack.


Keep reading for the recipe…




The easiest way to cook is to get out all needed ingredients and measure before starting. The fancy French term for this is mise en place. And let me tell you, I feel fancy when I get all my ingredients lined up like I have my own cooking show. With that said, you can guess what the first step is.

Measure out 8 Cups of Quaker Oat Squares.


Chop 2 cups of pecans (if you’re smart, buy them chopped/pieces).


Combine the nuts and cereal.


Now with the remaining mise en place…

butter, sugar, corn syrup
baking soda and vanilla (cinnamon not pictured)

Melt butter in a small pan on medium low heat and stir.


Then add the brown sugarDSC_0216

And stir some more to let the sugar melt. It will start to look darker after a few seconds.


Then stir in the corn syrup.DSC_0226

Turn off the heat and then add the vanilla…


…and add the baking soda and stir.


You’ll notice it will start looking marbled like below.


Then pour this mixture over the cereal nut mix.


Mix well and now is the time to add a dash of cinnamon to taste.


Pour the mixture onto parchment lined baking sheets (or well greased baking sheets).


Bake for 80 minutes at 250F, stirring every 2o minutes.


Don’t forget to wrap it up and share!


Happy Holidays! -abc

Sidenote: I use coconut sugar, but you can use regular brown sugar. It tastes exactly the same as regular sugar! The plus side to coconut sugar is it’s low glycemic index (allows for slower absorption of sugar so no sugar high or sugar crash), it contains 16 amino acids, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.



8 Cups Quaker Oat Squares cereal

2 Cups chopped pecans

½ Cup butter

½ Cup packed brown sugar

½ Cup light corn syrup

½ tsp baking soda

1 tsp vanilla

Dash of cinnamon


Preheat oven to 250F. Combine cereal and pecans in large mixing bowl. Melt butter, brown sugar, and butter and then stir in baking soda and vanilla. Pour the melted concoction over the cereal pecan mixture and mix well. Sprinkle cinnamon to taste and mix one more time. Divide and pour the mixture onto 2 parchment lined baking sheets (or well greased baking sheet). Bake for 80 minutes, stirring every 20 minutes.

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