Chillin’ in Newport

foggydress_newportYes, we were chillin’! It was a beautiful day, with a crisp ocean chill; the last day of Austin’s spring break (don’t tell him though, he’s pretty sad). We started off at the Newport Temple where we renewed our marriage promises.

foggydress_newportThen after grabbing some delicious greek food, we headed to Corona Del Mar State Beach to boulder (remember when we were here for the bonfire, glow-in-the-dark sticks party?).

foggydress_newport foggydress_newport foggydress_newportAfter ripping my the skin off my fingers (ok I’m exaggerating, but sandstone [above] is like sand paper!), and when my forearms were throbbing, we  walked along the shore. Before we came down to the beach, we walked along Ocean blvd, where the tops of these seaside homes were.

Look at this one:
foggydress_newportThat’s ^^ the top of the house, the garage is on the first story, and the rest of the home is on the second and third! The picture above is what they look like from the boulevard, the picture below is what the same house looks like from the beach. Dreamy!


foggydress_newportAlso, I found our dream home… ^^ When can we move in? It’s an easy $13 million folks.

foggydress_newportHow could we ever live anywhere else?

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