Chicago Trip: Part Two


Our Chicago trip entailed a lot more cities than Chicago. Luckily my older brother lives there and was willing to chauffeur us around. We decided to take a day trip up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city that has no shortage of cheese, churches, and breweries. And just FYI, I know it’s a lot of pics of just me, but hubby and brothers went along too. This is a public blog so I’m just respecting their privacy. Plus boys can be really picky about their photos…I thought only girls were like that?!IMG_8852IMG_8847IMG_8915

Click through for all the cheesy photos…like literally, there’s a lot of cheese in these photos…

I’m a cheese maniac, which is funny because I’m kind of lactose intolerant. I just looooove smelly, tart, sweet, moldy, sharp, funky cheese. I was like a kid in the candy store at all three cheese shops that we stopped at. One had dill and muenster cheese that was dill-ightful (haha..)!!  IMG_8999IMG_9038IMG_9007IMG_9017IMG_9021IMG_9024
IMG_9034I bought so much cheese, I ended up taking it home with me and it’s lasted us like 3 weeks. I finally had to invite a bunch of family over to help me finish it off with crackers and bread.

What fun you are, Wisconsin!

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