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Liz is having a crazy DIY week (I was happy to help; I’m learning loads from that gal) with lots of tutorials you for sure need to check out.

Like this poncho made from a thrifted blanket?? Genius.

diyponcho8…aaaand these super cute thrifted-turned-diy-project distressed jeans!

jeans02-2Are you sick of me showing up on the SYTH blog yet?? Sorry for the repetitive post, if you’re visiting from there! Hope to see you around here again.

Also….check back tomorrow, for an uhhh-mazing veggie food post (I’ve already seen pictures and they look MMmm good) from the one and only Brooke Kunz. FYI, she just posted some design-magazine-worthy pictures of her SLC apartment, filled with plenty of sunshine and homemade goods. Check it out.

hugs, hanalei

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