Beach(Ho)Bag & a Birthday


I needed a cute beach bag and luckily I have friends with thrift-store expertise! She found me this amazing skirt that needed an up-cycle real bad. I mean it’s kind of adorbs as a skirt actually, but it was a little too big and fit kinda weird so I decided it would make the perfect over-sized beach(ho)bag. It took me about 5 mins to do; I literally rushed through making it right before we walked out the door to head for the Newport Beach. Oh, and I had a birthday as you may have noticed on insta.


Here are the super easy, somewhat self-explanatory pictures + tutorial to convert your skirt into a beach bag.


  1.  Flip your knee-length or shorter skirt inside out. Which end do you want to be the opening & which the bottom? I chose to sew the bottom of the skirt closed because the top was tapered inward. I prefer a smaller opening; a larger one is too easier for my stuff to fall out.
  2. Sew preferred end closed (be careful for zippers).
  3. Sew on the handle (belt, extra fabric, get creative!). I chose to use my trademark tassel handle in Evergreen.

IMG_9659IMG_9660IMG_9700 IMG_9697IMG_9705

It is for reals the perfect size. I love how big and roomy it is, and I love how it turned out.IMG_9711


IMG_9678IMG_9670These two are my besties <3


The smell of peonies and the beach….literally the best scent ever.

IMG_9663Friendsies, “Happy Day” (totally reusable! SO smart ;P), and brother bear all the way to the right.

IMG_9694IMG_9689IMG_9693IMG_9717IMG_9728IMG_9725IMG_9703IMG_9731Clark Kent totally posed for this. And so did the bird.


Okay, I know, I have a thing for glow sticks and beach bonfires and ya I kinda did this last year, but I can’t help it….it’s the funnest way to celebrate getting another year wiser! (I like to say that instead of “older”)IMG_9760

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A HObag Named Michellie







foggydress_hobag_michelliefoggydress_hobag_michellieSadly, this one is already spoken for!

Michellie is named after my good friend (no really, she’s a super good friend, like always-remembers-to-send-a-card & randomly-buys-you-sunflowers kind of friend) named Michelle.

It is funny how, soon after I finish making/designing a HObag, that bag always becomes my favorite one and I don’t want to part with it!! Srsly, if I kept every HObag I ever made, I would be using EVERY ONE OF THEM. They are each so spunky, some more subtle, but always with a huge dose of personality. Sometimes, with all the fashion blogging and globalization (this may have also been my thesis statement for a paper I wrote in college…) it feels like everyone is dressing the same, wearing the same things from the same stores. I love how each HObag is 100% unique, and original. Even if I could mass produce them, they sure are a nice break from the standard block print, mono-tone purses that everyone seems to have. Not that I don’t love other bags, of course I do! These vintage patterns are just a nice break from those, is all I’m saying.

There are a few bags in the shop right now, and I’ll be adding a few more, so check back soon!




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Photo Sesh in a Green Room + A New HoBag

foggydress_hobag_tassy_floraA new HoBag is up in the shop today! Remember when I made Flora? From this blouse:


Well I picked up some gorgeous tassels from a little sewing shop in Pomona, and whipped together Flora’s sister HoBag named Flora-Tassel. I know, real original name! But I am sleepy and just want to get this post up before I pass out, drooling at the keyboard. If you can come up with a cooler name, leave a comment and I might just change it :) Enjoy the pictures of Flora-Tassel, and if you love her, pick her up from the shop! As always, there is only one available.

foggydress_hobag_tassy_floraWe had an impromptu photo sesh (thanks Carol!) after visiting a friend’s gorgeous home in San Marino. She has lived in her house for over 50 years, and you can tell! She has the most amazing wallpaper that takes you into another decade….




 This gray dress is my summer uniform. I’m sorry if every time you see me from May -September I am wearing this.

I just wear so many basics & solids these days, that a spicy bag with design, detail, style and colors is completely necessary to make my outfits complete. Sometimes basics on basics on basics can get a little… meh. I’m telling you, everyone needs a little HoBag in their life!

Keep reading for a few more detailed pictures of the Flora-Tassel HoBag.

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A HoBag named Carolina

foggydress_carolina_hobagShe was a pretty little thing, just hanging there without a care in the world….originally she came as a set – a tank top and a jacket. I snatched her up, forked over $4, and left that thrift store with a million ideas in mind. I re-fashioned the tank top (one of my first re-fashions!) and wore if for years. I put the jacket in a box, and stored it at my parents. Then a few months ago, I came across it and, well, made it into….


This HoBag is a custom order for my sweet friend who walks my mama’s dogs when she’s away, brings her flowers, and will seriously drop what she’s doing to come and hang out with you no matter how annoying you are sometimes. In other words she’s a perfect friend and I’m so grateful for her support in my little hobby.

 I hope you enjoy Carolina, Carol!


foggydress_carolina_hobag^^ Notice the NEW dark liner?? ^^





Hope  you love it Carol!

I have a few more floral prints/blouses for other HoBags. If you’d be interested in me making a few of them & putting them in the shop, let me know. :)

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Meet Nala, HoBag #5 in the Collection

foggydress_hobag_nalaHere she is folks. Nala makes bag number 5 to enter my first collection of HoBags up for sale. See them all in the shop.


foggydress_hobag_nala ^^ After ^^

foggydress_hobag_nalaI wanted to make her with a short handle, because I love the look of a bag slung through the arms. This is the perfect size for when you don’t want to carry too much. The sun kept coming in and out from behind the clouds, so the lighting on these pictures is a little funky! I kind of like the ombre effect, though.

foggydress_hobag_nalafoggydress_hobag_nalafoggydress_hobag_nalaNala can make any arm look goooood. Get her before someone else does!



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