The Art of a Long Term Shopping List

foggydress_plannerI used to befall the shopping rut of occasionally perusing sale items, and then buying things that were “cheap” but not necessarily what I had been looking for. Later, I would find things that I REALLY wanted (like a good solid white tee) but couldn’t justify buying it for full price.

I decided to get out of that rut and start planning out what I really wanted or was lacking in my closet (AKG would say nothing is lacking in my closet, but he would say that even if I had literally 1 pair of pants and a shirt).

So at the back of my handy dandy planner, I wrote a list that went something like this:


  • good white tee
  • swimsuit with solid straps
  • comfy black flats (my current ones have holes in the soles -_-)

This way, I’m able to walk away from all those “good deals” that I didn’t really need, and save that $$ to snatch up what I’m really wanting, whether it’s on sale or not. Like my life’s motto (that I’m constantly trying to live up to): Quality Over Quantity; or in other words more quality, less clutter.

And guess what… after months on the list, I found that swimsuit with sturdy straps!



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What To Wear on a Road Trip


foggydress_morro_bayAfter a week long drive up California’s coast, I have my road trippin’ attire down pat.

Beanie – for bad hair days and for when the sun sets and it starts getting chilly.

Sunglasses – you should always carry sunnies, but especially when road trippin’; lots of staring out at the beautiful scenery to do, and you don’t want to be squinting the whole time…

Zip-up fleece – easy on, easy off, and it’s warm!

Layers – it’s better to remove layers of clothing if it gets too warm, than to freeze your buns off.

Comfy pants – leave your designer jeans at home, unless they’re the comfiest pants you have, and you don’t mind sitting in them all day. And getting them a little dirty.

Strappy outdoor sandals – I LOVE my North Face sandals because I can slip them on or off easily, and climb rocks or trails if needed. They’re perfect for any adventure.

Here are some more pictures from our day at Morro Bay:

foggydress_morro_bayfoggydress_morro_bayfoggydress_morro_bayfoggydress_morro_bayfoggydress_morro_bayfoggydress_morro_bayfoggydress_morro_bayPS – What to wear on a climbing backpacking trip


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PRMITV World: Atom Fish Tee + discount for FD readers

foggydress_PRMITVI have a thing for great cotton that doesn’t wrinkle or fade in the wash. I also have a thing for unique and artful design. So it’s only natural that I totally have a thing for PRMITV’s cotton-elastane blended, minimalistic designed tees. The perks for working for this company is that they want to give you guys 10% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE. Which tee is your fave? (see end of post for coupon code)




foggydress_PRMITVEach tee/hoodie has their signature highlighter-stiching along one side. The Men’s line has neon green highlighter-stiching.



foggydress_PRMITVYou can find this Atom Fish Tee here.

Austin went with the plain black one because he is all for plain-ly-ness (I love plain-ly-ness too, can’t you tell?? ;P) (and yes I know plain-ly-ness is not a real word).

Coupon code (valid until May 1st, 2014) is: BJ3R17812WJC

Thanks for the discount PRMITV World <3

PS – follow along on Instagram for a great dose of art and inspiration.



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love + hate makeup

foggydress_lipstickFor years my mother tried to get me to wear lipstick….well mostly it was for pictures and such but when I was a teenager I was just so not into make-up AT ALL. I don’t know if it was the 90’s grunge or the 2000’s – er – what style was in the early 00’s? Or maybe I was too much of a tom-boy (3 brothers, no sisters). Anyway, clear lip gloss from Bath & Body Works was my go-to, only piece of make up I wore up until college. I also never: owned a blow dryer, hair curler, mascara or eye liner. WHAT! I think I had foundation that someone gave me in 7th grade, that I had until I was like 25 or something.

When I got to college, I was surrounded by girls who wore tons of makeup! Like, the whole works: foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blush, eyebrow pencils, and lip color. WOAH! I was like what is this stuff? Slowly I collected a blow dryer, a hair curler, and learned how to apply eyeliner, mascara and even lip stick. I’m still not fond of foundation because it feels so thick on my skin, so that goes on for really special occasions…like my wedding.

I  would sometimes read blogs about other girl’s makeup routines, but I couldn’t really find a minimalist who wore makeup like I wanted to: as little as possible. So it was hard to connect. Then when I was doing modeling a few years ago, I started asking the make-up artists about their favorite brands to use. And slowly, I stepped into the makeup world…

Anyway…what I’m trying to say is that I used to never ever wear makeup. And now I kinda like it. While my makeup routine keeps evolving, one thing never changes: I like basics. I like minimal makeup that enhances what I really look like.  So here are my top three makeup routines, for the minimalist girls out there:foggydress_lipstickI like to go makeup-less most of the time, but I always always apply a face moisturizer with SPF. I like all kinds of moisturizers, but my current favorite is Olay Complete.

foggydress_lipstickWhen I have to go into work, a church activity, or something casual  during the week, I like to add mascara (I love Lash Blast Volume) and blush (the one I use, some one gave me…don’t know the brand!). I also love C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve for my go-to lip moisturizer.


On the weekends, going out with friends, with my husband, or to church, I do like dressing up a bit. I LOVE Bobby Brown’s Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, but also love Sephora’s knock off version (it’s cheaper). I bounce between these Mac, Revlon, and Sephora brands/lipsticks colors, often layering them to get a different color.

Have you always worn makeup? Or were you like me and put it off until college/post college to get into it? I love me a little makeup, but I, by no means, am afraid to go out in public makeup-free. Hope this was useful for some of you!


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Feminize Your Men’s XL Tee + tutorial

foggydress_navy_shirtI really like to buy men’s tees, mostly because they’re way cheaper! This time, I went to Forever 21’s men’s section again, and scooped up this navy blue XL tee shirt for less than $4. It only takes a few stitches in the arms and it’s transformed into a loose-fit girl tee. Also, if you must know, I’m standing in the Costco parking lot (hitting two birds with one stone!).


foggydress_navy_shirtKeep reading for the quick tutorial:


  • With your t-shirt on inside-out, pull tightly around the sleeve so there’s only enough fabric to go around your arm, and place a pin there. Carefully remove shirt.


  • Measure your sleeve from the top, down to where you just pinned, and use this measurement to pin the opposite sleeve.


  • To create a sort of bat-winged effect (a style I really like) just taper-pin the sleeve from the first pin, down to the armpit.


  • Sew a curved stitch along the pins, again from the first pin to the armpit.


  • After sewing that curve, you can either do a zig-zag stitch next to it & cut off remaining fabric, or serge off the excess fabric.


foggydress_navy_shirtYou should have achieved that bat-wing effect, don’t you love it? Never pass by the men’s section again, they always have cheaper tee’s!


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