dress // in flowers


Dress via Le Tote // 14kt gold necklace via Love AJ // Sandals via Chinese Laundry (similar here and here)

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Foggy Dress

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Above, I captured the Golden Gate Bridge as I love to see it: in the fog. I started Foggy Dress when I first moved here a few years ago, and the constant foggy weather stood out to me the most. Being from LA area, I just assumed all of California was hot, and was shocked to being wearing sweaters and shoes (too cold for flip flops) all summer long. San Francisco has micro climates, so not all the city is as foggy as the Richmond District (near the bridge), but I have grown to love and embrace it. Here’s to more adventures in one of my favorite foggy cities.

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btw – my very first post on Foggy dress but technically this was my very first post whose title reminds me of this amazing 90’s song that takes me way, way back.

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What I Really Want To Wear To Holiday Parties

I have always been attracted to weird pieces of clothing. In seventh grade, year 1999, I purchased a bright orange, polyester, long sleeved shirt. It read “MILLENNIUM” in 3D, pop-out letters. I wore it for years.

If my sweet husband were blind, and my bank account had about 10 extra zero’s on the end of it, this would be my Christmas party attire:



Would this number be appropriate for my church Christmas party? It’s not too much, is it? Good.


Miroslava Duma

I just want to wear a coat. A very large, oversized, shiny coat.



Velveetttt (*hearts-as-eyes-emoji*). Can you tell I’m obsessed with this designer? Top + bottom are totally Christmas-party-ready.



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Remember when I wrote about the story behind these shoes from Italy that I had to throw away? They were just too worn out. Well, I upgraded to these beautiful wooden clogs with leather straps. Everything I could ever want in a clog.


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Beach(Ho)Bag & a Birthday


I needed a cute beach bag and luckily I have friends with thrift-store expertise! She found me this amazing skirt that needed an up-cycle real bad. I mean it’s kind of adorbs as a skirt actually, but it was a little too big and fit kinda weird so I decided it would make the perfect over-sized beach(ho)bag. It took me about 5 mins to do; I literally rushed through making it right before we walked out the door to head for the Newport Beach. Oh, and I had a birthday as you may have noticed on insta.


Here are the super easy, somewhat self-explanatory pictures + tutorial to convert your skirt into a beach bag.


  1.  Flip your knee-length or shorter skirt inside out. Which end do you want to be the opening & which the bottom? I chose to sew the bottom of the skirt closed because the top was tapered inward. I prefer a smaller opening; a larger one is too easier for my stuff to fall out.
  2. Sew preferred end closed (be careful for zippers).
  3. Sew on the handle (belt, extra fabric, get creative!). I chose to use my trademark tassel handle in Evergreen.

IMG_9659IMG_9660IMG_9700 IMG_9697IMG_9705

It is for reals the perfect size. I love how big and roomy it is, and I love how it turned out.IMG_9711


IMG_9678IMG_9670These two are my besties <3


The smell of peonies and the beach….literally the best scent ever.

IMG_9663Friendsies, “Happy Day” (totally reusable! SO smart ;P), and brother bear all the way to the right.

IMG_9694IMG_9689IMG_9693IMG_9717IMG_9728IMG_9725IMG_9703IMG_9731Clark Kent totally posed for this. And so did the bird.


Okay, I know, I have a thing for glow sticks and beach bonfires and ya I kinda did this last year, but I can’t help it….it’s the funnest way to celebrate getting another year wiser! (I like to say that instead of “older”)IMG_9760

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