Chicago Trip Part One

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Bikes can go on the train – best way to see Chicago!

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Playing Tourist: Somewhere Over The Rainbow


I debated which Hawaii picture to put first, and out of all the beauties I captured, these skinny little palm trees were my favorite. We have them here in LA, but that blue sky…we do not. These are all pics from my phone because I am too lazy to upload my dslr right now >.<

I was born in Maui, but haven’t been back there (or any part of Hawaii) since fourth grade. We ended up staying on the quiet side of Oahu, right on the beach and away from the “tourists”. I would wake up early in the morning and just walk along the beach, and just think about life (see my video on  insta). Most vacays involve rushing from site to site trying to see lots of things & places, but this so chill and unplanned, it was like something in me pressed “restart”. It’s hard to explain.

We went with family, but since this is a public blog, it will basically just be lots of pictures of palm trees and me. I know, more of my face! Sorry! But you know what they say…if you didn’t take a picture, it never happened. So here is proof that it happened.






I ate amaaaazing pineapple, guava, coconut, fish, L&L….I even had Lychee ice cream! I’m salivating just remembering it all. AKG made me Poke with fried wonton and spicy sea weed (see below). And when we weren’t eating, we were snorkeling at Hanauma Bay (and Waimanalo in pic above), watching whales dip above the surface, hiking to waterfalls, or seeing fire dancers at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Basically, #wishyouwerethere.










For future reference, and if you’re planning a trip to Oahu, here is a super basic guide (because every trip to Hawaii should pretty much have an open schedule).

Best Place to…

  • EatUahi Island Grill. Be sure to get the Garlic Chicken and Garlic Ahi (see Ahi above).
  • Stay – If you want to be in the touristy madness, stay in Waikiki. If you want quiet, anything on the “windward side” like Kailua, or the North Shore would be ideal.
  • Play – Snorkeling at Haunama Bay & Surfing on the North Shore of course. Rentals for snorkel gear can run about $20/person so it might be worth the hassle to bring your own.
  • Entertainment – The Polynesian Cultural Center has an amazing (kid friendly but adults loooove it too) hula dance and fire show during the day and at night when you’re finished at the beach. Visit Kahuku Grill just across from PCC and order Garlic Shrimp and Coconut Macadamia Nut Shrimp – locals told me it was the best “shrimp truck”.

Aloha ~~

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Flowers for days…

wpid-wp-1413845009919.jpegMe, taking home wedding flowers, as per usual. This, however, was an unusually large bunch!

The mother of the groom said they were just going to throw these away–throw these away! If I’d had room in my car, I would’ve taken them all…but one was hard enough to carry away , especially in heels. Pictured above is only half of the bunch. The rest are scattered all around the house. Trader Joe’s will be sad to not get my flower business for a few weeks…


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The Eastern Excursion of 2k14

Eastern Excursion 2k14

Give a girl a DSLR and this is what she’ll make.

Documenting this road trip with this lady.


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Road Trippin’

foggydress_nashville_nycYes I’m back, and yes all my summer trips are over! Phew. I’m exhausted. I’m currently working on a short video of my latest road trip to move my cousin across the eastern United States. More on that later this week.


It was a dream of mine to go to Nashville, because I’m kind of obsessed with the show Nashville. Well mostly I’m just obsessed the music from the show, like THIS ONE where they film at….

foggydress_nashville_nycTHEE Bluebird cafe!! ^^

foggydress_nashville_nyc foggydress_nashville_nyc foggydress_nashville_nyc foggydress_nashville_nyc

foggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycMy cute cousin Dani ^^ who is the lucky duck moving from Nashville to NYC

It was so hoooott and sticky and muggy in Nashville, you probably already saw this gram of us on insta, eating delicious popsicles to cool down…

foggydress_nashville_nycTime to hit the road… can you believe I drove this thing ^^ through Manhattan???




foggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nyc foggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycI heart NYC.

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