What I Really Want To Wear To Holiday Parties

I have always been attracted to weird pieces of clothing. In seventh grade, year 1999, I purchased a bright orange, polyester, long sleeved shirt. It read “MILLENNIUM” in 3D, pop-out letters. I wore it for years.

If my sweet husband were blind, and my bank account had about 10 extra zero’s on the end of it, this would be my Christmas party attire:



Would this number be appropriate for my church Christmas party? It’s not too much, is it? Good.


Miroslava Duma

I just want to wear a coat. A very large, oversized, shiny coat.



Velveetttt (*hearts-as-eyes-emoji*). Can you tell I’m obsessed with this designer? Top + bottom are totally Christmas-party-ready.



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An Accidental Tradition

IMG_8307IMG_8303Oh my goodness, this last holiday was a whirlwind! The Saturday before Thanksgiving, I had Friendsgiving with my high school track friends for our (gasp!) 13th year. We started it around sophomore year 2003, when we wanted to make sure we got together over thanksgiving break (at least that’s what I wanted!). It used to be that our parents would make a dish and we’d bring it to a friend’s house, but now we are big kids and we make all our dishes together. In HS we would always have it on a Wednesday, the day before T-day.


My cousin sent me this CNN article that said  the whole idea behind ‘Friendsgiving’ was started around 2009…I guess we were 6 years ahead of the trend! We rarely get 100% of the gang back together for each Friendsgiving, but the past few years we’ve been able to have 7 out of the original 8 every year. Sometimes we bring siblings, significant others, or dear friends/roommates. It’s so fun to see how everyone changes over the years (who they date, where they’re living, what their job is), and also how much we haven’t changed at all. We still bicker and joke like old siblings, dance to loud music, laugh until we can’t breathe. Oh yeah, and stuff ourselves full of everyone’s delicious, homemade cooking.

I made a super easy, and so savory Pear + Blue Cheese Galette, for our feast’s appetizer. I bought the pie crust instead of making it since it is too dang hard to make a crust from scratch. Maybe if I was Anna (the girl who shares all her recipes here on Foggy Dress)…

IMG_8329Getting ready for the annual photo ^^

IMG_8322Now on to our next holiday…Merry Christmas, enjoy the season! It always goes too fast >.<

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Hallow’s Eve


Okay all you procrastinators, here are some posts/links to last-minute costume ideas for couples. You still have over 24 hours before Halloween night, so make those hours count!

HMH-Little-Fashion-Icons-2-REV3Photo of ‘Kissing Sailor’ costume by Say Yes, ‘Iris Apfel’ costume by Oh Happy Day.

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Beach(Ho)Bag & a Birthday


I needed a cute beach bag and luckily I have friends with thrift-store expertise! She found me this amazing skirt that needed an up-cycle real bad. I mean it’s kind of adorbs as a skirt actually, but it was a little too big and fit kinda weird so I decided it would make the perfect over-sized beach(ho)bag. It took me about 5 mins to do; I literally rushed through making it right before we walked out the door to head for the Newport Beach. Oh, and I had a birthday as you may have noticed on insta.


Here are the super easy, somewhat self-explanatory pictures + tutorial to convert your skirt into a beach bag.


  1.  Flip your knee-length or shorter skirt inside out. Which end do you want to be the opening & which the bottom? I chose to sew the bottom of the skirt closed because the top was tapered inward. I prefer a smaller opening; a larger one is too easier for my stuff to fall out.
  2. Sew preferred end closed (be careful for zippers).
  3. Sew on the handle (belt, extra fabric, get creative!). I chose to use my trademark tassel handle in Evergreen.

IMG_9659IMG_9660IMG_9700 IMG_9697IMG_9705

It is for reals the perfect size. I love how big and roomy it is, and I love how it turned out.IMG_9711


IMG_9678IMG_9670These two are my besties <3


The smell of peonies and the beach….literally the best scent ever.

IMG_9663Friendsies, “Happy Day” (totally reusable! SO smart ;P), and brother bear all the way to the right.

IMG_9694IMG_9689IMG_9693IMG_9717IMG_9728IMG_9725IMG_9703IMG_9731Clark Kent totally posed for this. And so did the bird.


Okay, I know, I have a thing for glow sticks and beach bonfires and ya I kinda did this last year, but I can’t help it….it’s the funnest way to celebrate getting another year wiser! (I like to say that instead of “older”)IMG_9760

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How To Behave At A Wedding

foggydress_wedding_behaviorWedding season is upon us folks. This season I’ve got 1 out of 4 down, but to add up all the experience of attending weddings, I’d say I had 26 years worth! I’ve probably attended close to 100 weddings (I’m totally guestimating – but I promise you it’s around there!) and have learned a thing or two about how to be a perfect guest at a wedding. Here is my list of things that any Bride & Groom would love to have their guests follow…


foggydress_wedding_behavior1.     Don’t be on time.  I mean it! Do not be on time to the wedding- be early! If they say be there at noon, get there at 11am. That way when you realize you haven’t eaten breakfast, or that someone needs you to come pick them up because their car broke down, you can run out and buy a bagel and pick up said friend before the wedding begins.

foggydress_wedding_behavior2.    Get a picture with the Bride and Groom, but wait for the right time. They are so busy that they don’t have time to think about you. I mean they just got MARRIED. There are more important things to think about. So when you feel like it’s a good time & you’re not interrupting anything, ask the photographer to get a picture with the couple. The photographer’s picture will turn out way better then the one on your iPhone so it’ll be worth the effort!


3.     Dress appropriately. By appropriately, I of course mean comfortably. If you are close friends / family to the wedding party, you are in for a looooong day/night. Nothing squashes a good time like feeling bloated after eating dinner in a skin-tight dress, or walking around barefoot because those cute stilettos are killing you. Stick to a semi-tight waisted dress with room for double dessert. And for shoes, I always go with flats or a sturdy wedge heel.

foggydress_wedding_behaviorfoggydress_wedding_behavior4.     Come a little hungry so you can savor all the delicious food. If the food at the wedding doesn’t fill you up, you can always go out afterward/in between things. But it doesn’t look very good to leave half a salmon on your plate, or chocolate mousse  with two bites missing. I mean, how sad does that mousse look? Don’t worry, that was devoured.

foggydress_wedding_behavior5.     Party!! The Bride & Groom & family have worked hard to put together a big celebration, spent lots of money, and are so incredibly happy on this day. You OWE it to them to tear up that dance floor! They want to see you having a good time, so show them!


foggydress_wedding_behavior6.     If needed, help clean up. When the party is over, and the Bride and Groom  have rushed off to their honeymoon, be a nice guest and help clean up. If it’s at a location that has a cleaning crew, you’re off the hook for this one. If not, the family will be extremely grateful to have extra hands helping.

foggydress_wedding_behavior7.     Don’t be shy, take home some flowers! In most cases, the families will be happy to send a few of their expensive wedding flowers home with you, instead of throwing them away. Check to see which ones are OK to take, and enjoy a free bouquet of beautiful flowers! I split up the bouquet we took and put them up into little vases all over our home. :)

Next, read this hilarious article about How To Ruin A Wedding and  then (obviously) avoid doing those things (like bring an uninvited date, be the “photographer”, or talk about divorce).

I now dub thee A Perfect Wedding Attendee. Now go forth and be an awesome wedding guest!!

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