A hiccup

I know it’s been a while…it’s a long story but I lost about 2 years of my past blog content >.< which actually wasn’t much but recently I posted some travel logs that I’m so sad to have lost! I’ll have to repost them later.

Quick update since the last post on here is from Sept 2016 when I was still living in San Francisco:

I’m now in Dallas where the heat is hot and the pool days are looooong.It’s the first I’ve lived out of Cali (except college) and the culture is def different out here, but the people ares so nice. I misss the coast dearly, but I will say being in the center of the country means I can get to east or west coasts in under 3 hours, which I’m totally okay with. I’m a new-ish IVF mama and plan on having some baby/pregnancy content on here soon. Okay, you’re all caught up now ;)

I’m also working on adding some new vlog content as well as some posts from friends about life + such, so stay tuned…I’m excited to get the create blog juices flowing again! 


I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become.

Oprah Winfrey

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Summer Nails

IMG_3895 IMG_3868 IMG_3879

TOPSHOP Nails in Aurora

Summer color on the natural nails.

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Going Places


Nanette Lepore Watch, Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, Konjac Sponge, travel friendly Advil (always). 

I’m a big fan of packing these when I’m going places.

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The Best Mascara Tip


I rely heavily on friends and beauty boxes for all my makeup tips. I’m such a newb.

517Starred Photos143

I like: Dior Mascara Base travel size and Clinique Mascara Primer

Tip: one friend with exceptional eyelashes shared: always use eyelash primer. This allows for long-lasting, fuller lashes. My favorite part though: you know when you get black mascara all over your eyelid? When you apply this first, you can hit your skin with it and be as messy as you want, it won’t show up. Your final black mascara layer will only need a few coats.

Starred Photos144

Two Faced BTS Mascara originally discovered via Glossybox

The best mascara I have ever used. Hands down. Makes my Asian lashes have length & volume unlike anything else I’ve used. It’s in between regular & waterproof mascara. Lasts as long as waterproof mascara, but washes off way easier.


Second from top image via NSMBL

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All Natural Deodorant DIY

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

I recently went on an all-natural deodorant kick, and subsequently purchased TOMS All Natural Deodorant from Trader Joes. It didn’t feel very dry at all, so I also bought a homemade version from a Yoga studio, but the lemongrass scent was so over powerful that I couldn’t stand to wear it after a few weeks. Then my friend Michelle told me she had a fabulous recipe for it, and let me tell you….it works! Keep reading for the recipe and to see how it went…

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