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Dear Future Self,

You take such lovely pictures! Please do not keep them all on one single external hard drive. That is dumb. That is not safe. Upload them to a cloud server and/or another external hard drive. 


Silly You.

Sigh. You probably guessed where I was going with this….I just wanted to upload some pictures for a blog post, when the saddest thing happened…my external hard drive–which has ALL MY PICTURES I’VE EVER OWNED–would. not. connect. I googled my problem to try and trouble shoot it, but have not had luck so far. I could cry. I have one more thing to try, but honestly if I lost all my data…. {insert crying emojis here}

I have been religiously backing up my phone pictures on Flickr because they give you an entire terabyte of memory for free! Why didn’t I do that for ALL my pictures, you ask??? I have no idea. So now you should all go and set up your flickr account and back up all your data. And buy me a bucket of ice cream and some kleenex.

Image: Garance Dore via Pinterest

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