One of my favorite things to do is browse kitchens and bathrooms and bedrooms and living rooms (ok I could’ve just said homes) on pinterest. Dreaming, planning, but mostly dreaming about how I want my home to be like. Being a grad student (ha! not me, AKG…sucker) means semi-permanent living situations, so I often think about if I ever will be in a more-permanent living sitch.


I love when I read blogs and someone asks, “…where’s that couch from?” and the person responds something along the lines of “Oh it’s an old/vintage thing that I had reupholstered.” It’s the same reason why I love Hobags….I just adore that someone can have something that likely no one else does. Having something truly unique to you & talored to your taste is priceless I think. So, sometimes I also wander through antique shops and do some more day-dreaming…

wpid-2015-04-19-10.41.24-1.jpg.jpeg This vintage blow dryer was awesome…it also weighed like 20 lbs.

wpid-2015-04-19-10.47.31-1.jpg.jpeg I WANT THIS TV.

wpid-2015-04-19-10.47.30-1.jpg.jpegThis guy is for my future babies….or for me. Either way, wouldn’t it look cute in a room? Like, any room? Even the kitchen? Ok not the kitchen.


This wallpaper and those chairs…

wpid-2015-04-19-10.41.18-1.jpg.jpegMy mom had a vintage singer sewing machine like this, growing up, and I need one so my daughter can also say that.

wpid-2015-04-19-10.47.28-1.jpg.jpegThe table! and the chair! and for some reason the cat!

wpid-2015-04-19-10.41.26-1.jpg.jpegVintage pink blender and juice king….so much perfection on one shelf.


Vintage clothes.
Need I say more??

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