Foggy Dress began as a fresh start to an old hobby, when I lived in the foggy city of San Francisco in 2012. I had just graduated in Broadcast Journalism from BYU, and was working at Say Yes, while collaborating with Cotton&Curls. While I loved  writing, photographing, and editing for the news, I found it just wasn’t creative enough for me. Blogging had always been an outlet for flexing my creative muscles, and it was time to graduate from my “college blog” to this one. 

A little bit about me:

I like to sew and design things (like Hobags and my wedding dress). I’m one of those people who takes pictures of her food before anyone can take a bite (annoying, sorry!). I like dressing for foggy weather because it means layers and stockings and more pieces to wear. I will always be hunting for the best denim jeans because I believe a great fitting pair can change your world. My motto is quality over quantity, so “deals” are less attractive to me than getting something that I absolutely love, something I cannot live without, and something that will last. Of course if I can achieve both, I’m all for that.

I’m currently creating & residing with my husband in near Los Angeles, where I grew up. You can also find me blogging about my obsession with discovering all things new to the world of beauty, style, and food through subscription boxes on my other blog, Subaholic (subscription + aholic).



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  1. daripada senyumannya, aku dapat rasa dia cuma lulus cukup2 makan je. dapat la masuk kolej swasta. takpe, duit berlakon dah boleh coole.Werl-lvved.

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