A Simple Guide to Planting Tomatoes

foggydress_tomato_gardenUsually my tutorials consist of how-to-sew kind of thing. But equally important to wearing things you love, is eating things you love! Hence, this fits right in with all my other sewing tutorials.

With summer coming (not that you can tell in LA, where it’s perpetually summertime) I am craving this homegrown tomato sandwich:

foggydress_tomatoBut when my local organic farmer (aka my mom) said she wasn’t going to plant them this year (she’s spending the summer in Europe, lucky lady!), we became determined to grow our own. Hence the tutorial. Here’s a look at what we did, and hopefully when the fruit comes (I’ve heard the tomato is technically a fruit because it has seeds…what do you think?) I’ll be sure and post pictures.


foggydress_tomato_garden 1.     Tomato Plant(s) & Wire Cage(s). We got the Champion Tomato plant and the Large Cherry Tomato plant. Aust says if they have flowers, that’s a good sign that the plant is strong & growing. We opted for the bigger (more grown) plants, and the purchase included a wire cage.

foggydress_tomato_garden2.     Potting Soil – Our friend who’s a “plant doctor” said you can get any type, as long as it says “potting soil” on it. Works for us… this ^^ bag was $0.99 cents from Walmart (we got two bags).


3.     Ideally, you want a Shovel to dig the hole, but a Trowel (see picture left), would work too, it’ll just take longer. You also want a Handheld Garden Rake, and I’d also get a Knee Board –  you’ll find out why it’s needed pretty fast, if you end up not getting it. And don’t let me fool you…in the picture above it may look like I’m trying to decide which one to use first, but let’s be honest: Austin did all the digging and raking… haa.



Dig the hole about as deep as your tomato plant’s pot. We hit clay dirt (very difficult to dig through without a shovel) about half a foot down so we ended up just dumping a mound of planting soil atop the half that was sticking out.


foggydress_tomato_gardenPlace potting soil at the bottom of the hole, then put the plant int the whole. Fill in the sides with potting soil as well. NOTE: If the tomato plant is in a plastic pot, remove carefully. Ours was in a bio-degradable-friendly pot so we just plopped the whole thing into the ground.


foggydress_tomato_gardenfoggydress_tomato_gardenfoggydress_tomato_gardenFill in the top with remaining dirt & some more potting soil. Pack in the dirt really tight by pressing firmly on the soil.

ALL DONE! Just add water…


Once you’ve doused the soil with a sprinkling of water, you’re all set.

foggydress_tomato_gardenI cannot wait to try them, they already smell delicious!

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  1. I really want to grow my own vegetables, and I think tomatoes would be such a good place to start! Your plants look so pretty and I hope they produce something delicious :) xx

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