a HObag named Flora

hobags_florahobags_flora I’ve decided to start naming my HObags.

This one is named Flora for obvious reasons.

(Psst– If you are new to the blog and don’t know what a HObag is, read this)

hobags_flora hobags_flora ^^ (gorgeous fabric) ^^

I picked up this blouse at a thrift store in Utah, when we were visiting family over summer vacation. Since all HObags are made from thrifted clothing/items, I am constantly stopping at thrift stores, espeically when I’m traveling.

hobags_florahobags_flora I made the braided handle out of the sleeves of the blouse. The bottom of the blouse was sewn with a scrunchy border that I almost overlooked, until my Aunt (the seamstress) gestured toward it and asked “will this be the opening of the bag?”

Uhhh…of course!

I am so happy to be surrounded by such creative people.


hobags_flora_foggydressHope you liked this Flora HObag :)     -hugs, hanalei

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