A HoBag named Carolina

foggydress_carolina_hobagShe was a pretty little thing, just hanging there without a care in the world….originally she came as a set – a tank top and a jacket. I snatched her up, forked over $4, and left that thrift store with a million ideas in mind. I re-fashioned the tank top (one of my first re-fashions!) and wore if for years. I put the jacket in a box, and stored it at my parents. Then a few months ago, I came across it and, well, made it into….


This HoBag is a custom order for my sweet friend who walks my mama’s dogs when she’s away, brings her flowers, and will seriously drop what she’s doing to come and hang out with you no matter how annoying you are sometimes. In other words she’s a perfect friend and I’m so grateful for her support in my little hobby.

 I hope you enjoy Carolina, Carol!


foggydress_carolina_hobag^^ Notice the NEW dark liner?? ^^





Hope  you love it Carol!

I have a few more floral prints/blouses for other HoBags. If you’d be interested in me making a few of them & putting them in the shop, let me know. :)

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