A birthday + a few more pictures from Asia


I am so. dead. tired. Thanks to Cathay Pacific airlines, I got NO sleep on the plane. Why? Because they had the WHOLE THIRD SEASON of DOWNTOWN ABBEY! Plus a plethora of new-release movies… **if you have a long trip to Asia I would highly recommend flying Cathay Pacific!**

Also, I probably gained like ten pounds from eating things like this:

coconut tart

And I just kept discovering cool things like this:

taiwan3And eating more things like this:

IMG_8447In case you don’t understand what’s going on here ^^, that is frozen milk shaved ice with fresh mango & strawberries with condensed milk poured overtop. Mmmm…


Also, I am 26 today! (celebrating with sparkling water!) I have actually been 26 for 2 days… I celebrated my birthday in Hong kong, and by the time I landed back in SF it was actually a few hours earlier, same day, from when we took off. I cannot believe I am so old, but so young! I have a happy life, and am beyond blessed to have made it this far. Here’s to another year full of change and growth…and who know’s what else!

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