Tidy Tips: The Easy Way to Clean House Daily


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Maybe it’s because I have my own home now (no more renting!), but this year I want to focus on taking extra special care of our house. One of my New Years Goals is to focus on tidying! I’ll share a few “Tidy Tips” that I’ve learned + am doing, throughout the year. I’m looking forward to sharing these tips in case it can help anyone else out there. Unless I’m the only one that struggles with keeping up a clean house???  Anyway I’m sharing these because I’ve benefited so much from other bloggers sharing about their lives, so I want to pay it forward I guess!

TIDY TIP #1 : Tidy for 15 mins daily. I’ve been doing this for a week now and it is already helping keep my house looking good without overstressing myself! Since cleaning the whole house at once seems so daunting, so impossible, and so not fun, it has made cleaning stressful in the past. But someone once shared with me a book about overcoming procrastination that I’ve remembered for 15 years now. The takeaway was “if something takes 2 minutes or less to do, do it right now.” I wanted to implement that idea and extend it to 15 minutes of focusing on tidying/cleaning up. This can include doing dishes, cleaning up after dinner, wiping down bathroom floors, vacuuming, etc.  I set my timer, and if I get interupted I just pause it, and come back to it later.

I figure 15 minutes is enough to get the house somewhat looking tidy. If I expect it to be spotless all the time I will definitely be either stressed out trying to making it happen and ultimately failing, or so overwhelmed that I do nothing, and accept defeat. The goal is to do juuuust enough to where it doesn’t look like a bomb went off, but not too much that I get stressed out just thinking about how long it will take me etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I found this list (below) of one minute chores to do around the house, and am implementing it into my 15 minutes of daily tidying. Of course it’s not just me cleaning, I also enlist the help of my husband. You can try it with roommates, children, spouses, guests (jk but wouldn’t that be nice!), etc. It’s the easiest way to keep your house tidy for those drop-in visitors who usually don’t make it past the front porch haha. I’ll be printing this list out to refer to daily! Keep reading to see the list…

One-Minute Chores for 15 minutes of Daily Tidying:

In the bathroom

Find free time when… waiting for the tub to fill or drain. While your hair straightener heats. As your facial mask does its thing. While watching the kids play in the bath.

Do this:

  • Change the towels
  • Clean the mirror
  • Wipe sinks and fixtures
  • Wipe the vanity
  • Wipe the toilet tank
  • Scrub the toilet bowl


In the entryway

Find free time when… waiting for the kids to get ready for school. While you’re on the phone. Waiting for a visitor. While the dog does his business.

Do this:

  • Shake out your Welcome Mat
  • Knock down cobwebs
  • Sweep the front step
  • Polish the door’s knobs
  • Pick up shoes near the front door
  • Sweep the entry way
  • Go through coat pockets for trash
  • Straighten your door wreath


In the garage

Find free time when… waiting for the kids to get in the car. While the car warms up in the morning. Waiting for the kids to get out of the car. While watching the kids play in front of the house.

Do this:

  • Get the trash out of your car
  • Clean your car’s cupholders
  • Dust your car’s console
  • Wipe smudges off door to the house
  • Sweep steps leading into the house


In the kitchen

Find free time when… the kids are doing homework. You’re waiting for the coffee maker. Dinner is in the oven. You’re on the phone.

Do this:

  • Change the kitchen towels
  • Rinse the kitchen sink
  • Toss the junk mail
  • Wipe fingerprints off an appliance front
  • Clean the window over the kitchen sink
  • Empty one rack of the dishwasher
  • Run ice cubes in the garbage disposal to clean it
  • Run hot vinegar down the drain to remove gunk
  • Wipe the kitchen table
  • Wash your coffee pot
  • Wipe the front of kitchen cupboards
  • Microwave your wet kitchen sponge to sanitize it
  • Wipe up spills in the refrigerator


In the laundry room

Find free time when… you’re waiting for the washing machine to finish. You’re on the phone. You just started the dryer.

Do this:

  • Treat a clothing stain
  • Wipe the top of your washer and dryer
  • Clean lint from the dryer screen
  • Wipe spills off of detergent bottles
  • Dust lint off of shelves


In the living room

Find free time when… there’s a commercial on. You’re not really into the show that’s playing. The kids are getting ready for bed. You’re waiting for your show to start.

Do this:

  • Dust the coffee table
  • Straighten magazines
  • Straighten sofa pillows
  • Dust your entertainment center
  • Wipe TV remotes with a disinfecting cloth
  • Pick up toys
  • Fold throw blankets
  • Dust lampshades
  • Fluff throw cushions


In the home office

Find free time when… you’re on hold. You’re waiting for someone to reply in chat. You’re searching for a word or idea. You’re waiting for a slow website to load.

Do this:

  • Dust your computer moni
  • tor and keyboard
  • Empty the paper shredder
  • Dust a bookshelf
  • Toss ink pens that have dried up
  • Dust your desk
  • Straighten paperwork into neat piles
  • Tidy a drawer

In any room

Find free time when… the school bus is due any minute. You’re ready to go but no one else in the family is. You’re on the phone. You’ve been sitting too long.

Do this:

  • Empty a trash can
  • Wash your pet’s food and water bowls
  • Water a plant
  • Wipe down a room’s light switches
  • Dust a room’s picture frames
  • Take magazines or newspapers to the recycling bin
  • Dust the horizontal surfaces in a room
  • Dust a window blind
  • Straighten paper clutter into neat stacks
  • Scoop the cats’ litter box

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