New Hairs.

Went in just to see if I had enough length to donate


before hairs painted hair

Yep!! 10 inches.

You could say it also had to do with mom life…either way it had to go. I’m happy to have it help someone who needs it. And honestly I’m wishing I had chopped it sooner >.<

I’ve heard that Locks of Love charges money for their locks (to recipients of their wigs), but Pantene’s gives them free, and works with the American Cancer Society. So I’d go with the latter if you’re looking to donate.

xo. hanalei


  1. Wow!Shady is as shady does. How much was raised in total and what percentage of the total was donated by Levine and Arriola? Also, I thought the pay for the Mayor was $10,000 per year and $6000 for a commissioner? What are the benefits that bump that up to around $48,638 and $34,750 per year for each job?

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