Easy + Quick Buffalo Chicken Salad

There isn’t a lot of nights where I have time to do anything but quick and easy meals. I recently had this at a restaurant and I devoured it. Then when I realized I had crispy chicken tenders in my freezer I thought…that can’t be hard to recreate! This one was made by whatever I had on hand and finished 30 mins later. But you can easily plan for this meal and take it to work for lunch, or for a quick dinner! And don’t let the word “salad” fool you—both my husband and I could not finish our portions!! It was that filling. That rarely happens, guys.


  • Tyson crispy chicken strips (Costco!) Or any brand battered chicken strips
  • Frank’s Red Hot buffalo wing sauce (or similar)
  • Blue cheese crumbles (I always have this on hand because it’s my fave and I love adding it to salads)
  • Opa Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing by Litehouse (or any ranch dressing). I found mine at Walmart.
  • Canned veggies: corn, black beans
  • Fresh veggies: celery, spinach or lettuce, avocado, red/white/or yellow onion, tomatoes, salsa. Can also use bell peppers, green onions, sliced cabbage…basically any veggies you have that sound good with this!


When chicken is finished cooking thoroughly, cut them in halves and place in mixing bowl to cool slightly. Assemble salad with all the colored veggies you have, starting with spinach or lettuce on the bottom. Drizzle some yogurt ranch dressing (or similar) on veggies. Next drizzle desired amount of Frank’s Red Hot buffalo sauce on chicken. Be careful to not over sauce the chicken, or it will be soggy and the dressing, over-powerful. Toss to coat. Top salad with tossed chicken, and add crumbled blue cheese.


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