Easy Oven Crisped Green Beans


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I have this thing with garlic. It’s in almost all my recipes. I need it. I love it and it’s good for you too. My co-worker recently shared a bite of some delicious garlicky green beans that made me realize we NEVER eat green beans at home because I hate blanching them. I admire and kowtow to people who do it, but I can’t bring myself to a) waste perfectly tasty ice cubes (I don’t have an automatic ice maker so I do it old school and that means every cube in that plastic tray counts)  and b) it’s just another step in the whole cooking and cleaning process (I also don’t have an automatic dishwasher). If you couldn’t tell by my last post, I prefer garlic-filled one dish wonders. This green bean recipe is just that! Get excited for this brilliant side dish that will take less than 10 minutes of prep and 12 minutes to bake.

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Preheat oven to 425 F. Then, add two large baking sheets to the oven and set your timer for 10 minutes. OR if you stick the sheets in while it preheats remember to set the timer for 10 minutes after the oven beeps to tell you that it’s reached 425F!

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While the oven preheats, add your green beans to a large bowl. I know you see those untrimmed tips. I must admit here and now to you that I do NOT take the time to trim the ends off my green beans and as wise woman once said, “I ain’t sorry.” When the bean is cooked, you really can’t tell the difference.


Next, drizzle sunflower oil (can be any other oil if you don’t have sunflower oil) over the beans and toss beans to coat evenly.


Then, mince the garlic (I prefer using a garlic press to do the dirty work) and add to bowl. Add a few dashes of Italian seasonings and a couple dashes of red chili pepper flakes. Salt and pepper to taste. Then toss to ensure an even coating of spices. Add more spices as you see fit.


Now take your hot baking sheets out of the oven and spread the green beans in a single layer. Do not stack or layer the beans, this causes the beans to steam rather than bake to crispiness.


Bake your beans for 12 minutes and enjoy!

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1 lb of green beans

4-6 cloves garlic

Few Dashes Italian Seasoning Blend

Few Dashes of red pepper chili flakes

S&P to taste

Sunflower oil



Preheat oven to 425F. Place two large baking sheets in the oven for 10 minutes. Place green beans in large bowl. Drizzle sunflower oil over beans and toss to coat the beans evenly. Use garlic press to mince garlic and add to bowl. Add a few dashes of italian seasoning blend and a couple dashes of red pepper flakes to the beans and toss for an even coating of spices. Add more spices at your discretion. S&P to taste. After pans have preheated, remove pans and, using tongs or chopsticks, distribute green beans among the pans preventing overlay or stacking, thus preventing steaming. Bake green beans for 12 minutes.

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