Dress: For Friendsgiving

foggy dressLet’s be honest: it’s friendsgiving (remember last years?), and it’s all about the food. Your friends don’t really care what you wear. But it’s fun to play dress up, or dress down, or somewhere in-between. I’m leaning for dress-down but my friends have ordered we dress “semi-casual” so I might have to punch it up a notch.

Friendsgiving outfit inspiration…

The Business Casual Look

foggy dressL: Andy Heart R: Stockholm Street Style

The Oversized Eat-Whatever-You-Want Sweater & Heels Look

foggy dressL: Maja WYH R: Pinterest 

The Homely Keep-Me-Warm Oversized Everything Look

foggy dressL: Andy Heart R: Hey Natalie Jean

The Dress Down I-Don’t-Have-Time-For-This Look

foggy dressL: Maja WYH R: La Cool & Chic

Time to consult with my closet now. What are you/did you wear for friendsgiving? For my family Thanksgiving, I will probably be wearing something closer to the last look (minus all the coats, it’s Cali…), since I will likely get roped into a game of two hand touch football. Perks of having all brothers. #TurkeyBowl2k14

Happy Thanksgiving readers/friends, I’m so thankful for you all!

Top: The Sartorialist

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What’s In Store…

baseball shirt, blue shirt, white shirtMy friend Bonnie and her stylish fingers have been busy hunting through warehouse sales and combing through piles at sample sales in Downtown LA. She and I have such similar taste that most of the items she found are things I would wear like right now (plus or minus a shirt under/over a few  of the pieces).  We just did another round of pictures with more fall outfits, and will have them up in our shopify store soon, like really soon! More info to come, we can’t wait to show you!

baseball shirt, blue shirt, white shirtAnd no, I still haven’t resolved my external hard drive issue 🙁 Contacting the manufacturer today and hoping they can lend some help (although I’m afraid it’s going to come at a cost…).

I’m also on the look for more HoBag material aka vintage blouses. As soon as I get my hands on some great garments, I’ll be making a few more bags. Any great thrift stores that you can recommend in SoCal? I prefer ones that carry lots of grandma-esque prints & clothing….

Until then, there are always these HoBags to choose from~~



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I Made A Dark Blue Dress

blue dress diy

Okay, does everyone remember my weekend project I started a few weeks ago? I wanted to turn this pretty dark navy fabric into some kind of loose-fit shirt dress. Well guys I tried, I really did, to follow a pattern but…as with my cooking, I hate following recipes. I just want to look at the ingredient list and throw it all together! So after a few hours of reading, cutting the pattern out, and reading some more, I was annoyed at how long it was taking and also still confused about a few things. So, I grabbed one of my dresses, pulled the sleeves inside out, and traced the sleeve line with fabric chalk. The rest was me just playing with the fabric and…somehow, the sleeves turned out pretty good, and so did the rest! It’s totally my style–loose fitting/figure hiding short dress. I know it’s not something everyone would wear, but I hope you like it. It’s the comfiest dress in the world.

blue dress diy

blue dress diy ^^ I tapered the front of the dress to be shorter than the back…can you tell? I thought it added a feminine touch to the design. ^^

blue dress diy

blue dress diy blue dress diy blue dress diy

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Monday News


tan skirt, maxi skirttan skirt, maxi skirt
You may have seen one of these images posted to my instagram, sorry for the low quality – they’re from my phone! Anyway, aside from my Shop that sells Hobags, a friend and I are opening up another type of shop in a few weeks…I’m sworn to secrecy for now, but a little hint….this skirt will be among the items for sale. Fun things to come! And I’m still working on that blue dress, I’ll post pics when I’m done. Have a good Monday (I know, UGHHH, but it’ll be the weekend before you know it!).


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Weekend Sewing Project: Tan skirt

foggydress_tan_fabric I found this yummy tan fabric at my local fabric store, and thought it would make a great skirt. I always need skirts. I don’t really do shorts much, so when the heat strikes in Cali (which is like allllll the time) I like to throw on dresses and skirts. Now, the big dilemma is narrowing it down to one design. I currently have several swimming in my head…. I threw them together with just pins, to get an idea of what they would look like. Do any of them speak to you? Which is your favorite?

Look #1: wrap around skirt, with sewing where the needles are.

foggydress_tan_fabricLook #2: cinch midi, minus the hanging fabric behind me

foggydress_tan_fabricLook #3: simple loose-fit, high-waist

foggydress_tan_fabricThis is my weekend project, so that’s what I’ll be up to these next few days. I’m going to try and enlist the help of my mother, the former seamstress, to help me get the pattern right. I’ll show you how it turns out next week…



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