Dressing the Bump // 23 Weeks


Little Baby Boy is coming in a few months (May 2017!!) and I’m trying to transition my #foggydress wardrobe to be more bump friendly. I am so excited to see this little guy, but until then I have to figure out how to not look like a bum all the time (yes, I live in sweats 90% of the time). When I leave the house it’s low key, but for church I have to look my best, so you’ll probably be see lots of dresses during this pregnancy. That and I love wearing dresses because it doesn’t push on my tummy like a lot of my maternity pants do. Luckily I live in California so it’s pretty mild as far as winters go,

Here’s me and the babe at 23 weeks:


Long blush/black Floral Trench Coat via Le Tote | Tank Dress via Foggy Dress (coming soon!)  | Toe-show Boots via Target | Silver Choker via Rocksbox

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What I Really Want To Wear To Holiday Parties


I have always been attracted to weird pieces of clothing. In seventh grade, year 1999, I purchased a bright orange, polyester, long sleeved shirt. It read “MILLENNIUM” in 3D, pop-out letters. I wore it for years.

If my sweet husband were blind, and my bank account had about 10 extra zero’s on the end of it, this would be my Christmas party attire:



Would this number be appropriate for my church Christmas party? It’s not too much, is it? Good.


Miroslava Duma

I just want to wear a coat. A very large, oversized, shiny coat.



Velveetttt (*hearts-as-eyes-emoji*). Can you tell I’m obsessed with this designer? Top + bottom are totally Christmas-party-ready.



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Pajamas Are Very Important


I have this weird fear that one night I’m going to wake up at 3 am to a smoky smell and then realize that my house is on fire and there’s no time to grab anything so I just run for my life and I get out to the street to see my home burning to the ground only to realize…I’m standing in my underwear.

For this reason, I make it a point to put on PJ’s before bed, no matter how hot it is. But I’m like turning a big 2-8 this month so it’s time to get this working girl a real pair of grown up pajamas. So far these palm leaf PJ’s are my numero uno pick. The rest all tie for numero dos.

What do you wear to bed? Maybe you and I both should invest in some big girl PJ’s. Let’s do it.

Topshop $60


Target $19.99


(above and below)  Lake $98 Silk Tee, $128 Silk Pant



Forever21 $10.90 

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