New Hairs.

Went in just to see if I had enough length to donate


before hairs painted hair

Yep!! 10 inches.

You could say it also had to do with mom life…either way it had to go. I’m happy to have it help someone who needs it. And honestly I’m wishing I had chopped it sooner >.<

I’ve heard that Locks of Love charges money for their locks (to recipients of their wigs), but Pantene’s gives them free, and works with the American Cancer Society. So I’d go with the latter if you’re looking to donate.

xo. hanalei

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Why I’m Totally Into Facial Mists


My post-shower and post-face-wash skin has been a struggle for me. My skin is on the dry side, but breaks out easily with over-moisturizing. I’ve tried expensive face wash systems with 5 step washes, night creams of every kind, etc., always leading me to break out in some way.


Lavett & Chin Coconut Moisturizing Facial Mist

Then I discovered facial mists, and at first they didn’t work either. I’d spray them on immediately after washing my face/showering, when my face was still a bit damp and it similarly was over-moisturizing my face.

Then I forgot to put it on after showering one night, and my face dried. I looked in the mirror and it was so stiff and clearly needed to be moisturized…so I sprayed this on, rubbed it into my skin as if it were a cream, and went to bed. I woke up with amazing skin! I’ve been doing that for months now and my skin feels perfectly balanced and moisturized. This one by Lavett & Chin has been my *hands down* favorite. I discovered/tried it first at the GOOP Mrkt when they did a pop up in San Francisco. The scent is subtle and soothing, and even spritzing on the lips is okay because it tastes so sweet. I cannot rave enough about this product; to me, it’s totally worth the higher price tag.



Spritz Breath Deeply: Peppermint Essential Oils Spray

A close second is this facial mist that’s very pepperminty and works similarly to the other one. It has purified water, peppermint, eucalyptus and other 100% pure essential oils. The peppermint scent is so relaxing I can’t even tell you! It’s a great mister that I discovered in a subscription box of course.

What have been some of your skin moisturizing faves?

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Christmas “Gifts”

Christmas Preggo3

The countdown is on…have  you guys gotten all your Christmas shopping done already?? My friend Michelle told me she finished all her Christmas shopping in November! Impressive.

Christmas is almost upon us, and I haven’t gotten many physical “gifts” for people this year. I’ve realized that one of the most valuable things we have is our time. Sacrificing taking a trip to see someone, either by plane or car, can be a gift in and of itself. While they might not have been gifts people can open on Christmas Day, I’ve been giving my loved ones and friends “gifts” these past couple months by traveling and making sacrifices to be with them, spend time with them. We can’t take physical things with us when we leave this earth, but we can take our memories. I want to create memories! Gift memories! Make important people in my life a priority. There are still a few “things” that I’ve gotten people, but most of my gifts have been ones created from meaningful and memorable time spent together.

After all, Christ is the true gift of Christmas, and He spent his time serving and being with others. I’m always trying to follow that example. Merry Christmas!

PS – Here’s a cute song about what I mean, by my two little faves from the hit show (that I love/hate) Nashville:

Christmas Preggo3

Photo of me by Liz Stanley for Say Yes blog.


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Millionaire Next Door


I just finished the book The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. It talked about people who have a high income and appear rich but really have no wealth (that is, net worth). Using examples of unassuming, real millionaires, it discussed how practicing good old fashioned thrift and smart investing, along with penny-wise habits can build your net worth and thus, build real, true wealth. It’s fun to live in a flashy city with beautiful buildings (like this door) and gorgeous views; this book was a good reminder not to get caught up in it all.

But don’t get me wrong, a girl’s gotta have one weakness… #foggydress


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8 Stunning Bathrooms

Because I’m obsessed with Flip or Flop, I have dreams of buying a crappy house, doing a full gut, and making my house beautiful. Dreams….that’s what these bathrooms are! Clean white, modern wood, brass, some dark navy blues, marble, honeycomb, detached bathtub, wall mount toilet, a hint of color here or there. 😍😍😍😍😍 Do you dream about bathrooms too?? I hope these inspire you… Happy weekend XO.


photo via Amber Interiors


photo via Amber Interiors


photo via: Decor Pad


photo via: Inside Out


photo via Amber Interiors


photo via: Decor Pad


photo via: Elizabeth Herier


photo via: Coco.Kelley

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