Foggy Dress

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Above, I captured the Golden Gate Bridge as I love to see it: in the fog. I started Foggy Dress when I first moved here a few years ago, and the constant foggy weather stood out to me the most. Being from LA area, I just assumed all of California was hot, and was shocked to being wearing sweaters and shoes (too cold for flip flops) all summer long. San Francisco has micro climates, so not all the city is as foggy as the Richmond District (near the bridge), but I have grown to love and embrace it. Here’s to more adventures in one of my favorite foggy cities.

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btw – my very first post on Foggy dress but technically this was my very first post whose title reminds me of this amazing 90’s song that takes me way, way back.

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Hello Again

Pasadena apt


If you haven’t already seen, Foggy Dress had some work done over the past few months… At the end of 2015 my blog was hacked, and I had to shut it down for a while. My brother did most of the “heavy lifting” to get my blog back and running, and I decided to give the blog a much needed “face lift”. My crazy talented sister-in-law even designed my new logo.


I can’t believe I didn’t blog the whole time I was in Pasadena. It took some time to get the blog back up and running, what with work + life getting in the way…(: and I’m still tweaking it here and there, so pardon the weirdness you may encounter from time to time. Here are more pictures of our back-house rental in Pasadena…

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Moved To Tears

Starred Photos54

Starred Photos54I haaaaate moving. Seriously. Since I’ve left home for college, I have moved SO MUCH. Every year of college I moved, sometimes twice in one year (6 times in 4 years). When I went to Taiwan, I moved around the island 4 times in a year and a half. Since I’ve been married we’ve moved 3 times. That’s a total of 13 times in 10 years! You’d think that:

A). I’d be a pro packer, and

B). I would have almost nothing left (every time I move, I loose stuff!)

But no. I have SO MUCH CRAP. This last time I just started tossing and donating most of my things because I just didn’t want to think about it anymore.


We had a California Christmas in Pasadena, and are traveling to Utah for New Year’s. Can’t wait to move into our new place while AKG is on rotations.

Hope you all had a warm and bright Christmas. Have a Happy New Year! *kissy face*

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An Accidental Tradition


IMG_8307IMG_8303Oh my goodness, this last holiday was a whirlwind! The Saturday before Thanksgiving, I had Friendsgiving with my high school track friends for our (gasp!) 13th year. We started it around sophomore year 2003, when we wanted to make sure we got together over thanksgiving break (at least that’s what I wanted!). It used to be that our parents would make a dish and we’d bring it to a friend’s house, but now we are big kids and we make all our dishes together. In HS we would always have it on a Wednesday, the day before T-day.


My cousin sent me this CNN article that said  the whole idea behind ‘Friendsgiving’ was started around 2009…I guess we were 6 years ahead of the trend! We rarely get 100% of the gang back together for each Friendsgiving, but the past few years we’ve been able to have 7 out of the original 8 every year. Sometimes we bring siblings, significant others, or dear friends/roommates. It’s so fun to see how everyone changes over the years (who they date, where they’re living, what their job is), and also how much we haven’t changed at all. We still bicker and joke like old siblings, dance to loud music, laugh until we can’t breathe. Oh yeah, and stuff ourselves full of everyone’s delicious, homemade cooking.

I made a super easy, and so savory Pear + Blue Cheese Galette, for our feast’s appetizer. I bought the pie crust instead of making it since it is too dang hard to make a crust from scratch. Maybe if I was Anna (the girl who shares all her recipes here on Foggy Dress)…

IMG_8329Getting ready for the annual photo ^^

IMG_8322Now on to our next holiday…Merry Christmas, enjoy the season! It always goes too fast >.<

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What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say


wpid-2015-10-30-09.21.36-1.jpg.jpegThe sudden passing of my sweet Uncle reminded me of the passing of my dad only two years prior, also in October. My family relatives are laid to rest at a family cemetery near my grandparents farm in Idaho.

I remember when my dad passed, there were many kind things people did to help carry our burdens. I’d like to share a few things to say or do when you really don’t know what to do or say.


  1. Say Something. Oft times, when you just can’t understand the pain they’re going through, be it divorce, death, losing a job, etc., sometimes you say nothing because you don’t know what to say. But saying nothing means the person receives no signs of love and support from you during this time. Sending a card something along the lines of, “I can’t imagine how difficult this is, but I mourn with you,” “Sending my prayers your way” or sharing a memory you have with that person will just let the them know that you care. Doing so will help them carry even the tiniest bit of their burden.
  2. Send a real, physical card. Whether or not you decide to send flowers or donate to a charity in their name, there is just something about sending a physical card. When my dad passed away, lots of friends and family sent Facebook messages, emails, and texts. I appreciated that.  A few of my friends, however, took the time to pick out a card, write a sweet message and memory of him, and mail it to me. I still have those cards today. With phones and computers always on the go, a text or email is so easy to send. But knowing someone took the extra step to send a card says a lot more than the words you write within.
  3.   Remember their anniversary. A year after my father passed away, I received a card in the mail. It was my Aunt, acknowledging the anniversary of his passing, with some loving and supportive words. It is so comforting to know that he is still remembered by others, even if just for a day. Whether it’s for the passing of someone, a miscarriage anniversary, or a heartbreaking diagnosis, consider sending another card a few months to a year out.


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