Foggy Dress began as a fresh start to an old hobby, living in the foggy city of San Francisco circa 2012. I had just graduated in Broadcast Journalism from BYU, and was working at Say Yes, while collaborating with Cotton&Curls. While I loved  writing, photographing, and editing for the news, I found it just wasn’t creative enough for me. As a hobby, I began writing on Foggy Dress about what I was wearing in this freezing new city that always seemed to be covered in a blanket of fog


A Few Fun Facts:

I’m hapa – Viet + Caucasian

Love denim jeans

Mom of 1

Married to my first husband

V funny

Quality / Quantity

Originally: Los Angeles

Currently: Dallas, Tx

Blog header designed by my sis in law Cami Ho

Top photo: by me, Bottom photo: Razzi App/Melanie Zelnick


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  1. daripada senyumannya, aku dapat rasa dia cuma lulus cukup2 makan je. dapat la masuk kolej swasta. takpe, duit berlakon dah boleh coole.Werl-lvved.

  2. Wrong!Sanders cost the 49ers the “Mickey Mouse organization” moniker from Tom Benson. Which prompted a lovely rendition of “M-I-C… K-E-Y… M-O-U-S-E” from Candlestick’s public address system during a shellacking of the ever-hapless Saints.

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