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foggydress_appleseedSome things that, as women, we should’ve learned about (maybe some of you did!) when we were a lot younger, is all on Appleseed Fertility. Want to get pregnant? Want to avoid getting pregnant? Don’t want to spend money on birth control? Don’t want to take birth control? Just want to learn about how a woman’s body works, in an artistic and understandable way? Danielle – a fine artist turned Apple guru – is taking her creative skills to a platform that helps girls and women…check it out and tell me what you’ve learned. You’d be surprised how many women don’t know these things about their own body (that would include me).

Love you Dan!



A Simple Guide to Planting Tomatoes

foggydress_tomato_gardenUsually my tutorials consist of how-to-sew kind of thing. But equally important to wearing things you love, is eating things you love! Hence, this fits right in with all my other sewing tutorials.

With summer coming (not that you can tell in LA, where it’s perpetually summertime) I am craving this homegrown tomato sandwich:

foggydress_tomatoBut when my local organic farmer (aka my mom) said she wasn’t going to plant them this year (she’s spending the summer in Europe, lucky lady!), we became determined to grow our own. Hence the tutorial. Here’s a look at what we did, and hopefully when the fruit comes (I’ve heard the tomato is technically a fruit because it has seeds…what do you think?) I’ll be sure and post pictures.


foggydress_tomato_garden 1.     Tomato Plant(s) & Wire Cage(s). We got the Champion Tomato plant and the Large Cherry Tomato plant. Aust says if they have flowers, that’s a good sign that the plant is strong & growing. We opted for the bigger (more grown) plants, and the purchase included a wire cage.

foggydress_tomato_garden2.     Potting Soil – Our friend who’s a “plant doctor” said you can get any type, as long as it says “potting soil” on it. Works for us… this ^^ bag was $0.99 cents from Walmart (we got two bags).


3.     Ideally, you want a Shovel to dig the hole, but a Trowel (see picture left), would work too, it’ll just take longer. You also want a Handheld Garden Rake, and I’d also get a Knee Board –  you’ll find out why it’s needed pretty fast, if you end up not getting it. And don’t let me fool you…in the picture above it may look like I’m trying to decide which one to use first, but let’s be honest: Austin did all the digging and raking… haa.



Dig the hole about as deep as your tomato plant’s pot. We hit clay dirt (very difficult to dig through without a shovel) about half a foot down so we ended up just dumping a mound of planting soil atop the half that was sticking out.


foggydress_tomato_gardenPlace potting soil at the bottom of the hole, then put the plant int the whole. Fill in the sides with potting soil as well. NOTE: If the tomato plant is in a plastic pot, remove carefully. Ours was in a bio-degradable-friendly pot so we just plopped the whole thing into the ground.


foggydress_tomato_gardenfoggydress_tomato_gardenfoggydress_tomato_gardenFill in the top with remaining dirt & some more potting soil. Pack in the dirt really tight by pressing firmly on the soil.

ALL DONE! Just add water…


Once you’ve doused the soil with a sprinkling of water, you’re all set.

foggydress_tomato_gardenI cannot wait to try them, they already smell delicious!

love + hate makeup

foggydress_lipstickFor years my mother tried to get me to wear lipstick….well mostly it was for pictures and such but when I was a teenager I was just so not into make-up AT ALL. I don’t know if it was the 90′s grunge or the 2000′s – er – what style was in the early 00′s? Or maybe I was too much of a tom-boy (3 brothers, no sisters). Anyway, clear lip gloss from Bath & Body Works was my go-to, only piece of make up I wore up until college. I also never: owned a blow dryer, hair curler, mascara or eye liner. WHAT! I think I had foundation that someone gave me in 7th grade, that I had until I was like 25 or something.

When I got to college, I was surrounded by girls who wore tons of makeup! Like, the whole works: foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blush, eyebrow pencils, and lip color. WOAH! I was like what is this stuff? Slowly I collected a blow dryer, a hair curler, and learned how to apply eyeliner, mascara and even lip stick. I’m still not fond of foundation because it feels so thick on my skin, so that goes on for really special occasions…like my wedding.

I  would sometimes read blogs about other girl’s makeup routines, but I couldn’t really find a minimalist who wore makeup like I wanted to: as little as possible. So it was hard to connect. Then when I was doing modeling a few years ago, I started asking the make-up artists about their favorite brands to use. And slowly, I stepped into the makeup world…

Anyway…what I’m trying to say is that I used to never ever wear makeup. And now I kinda like it. While my makeup routine keeps evolving, one thing never changes: I like basics. I like minimal makeup that enhances what I really look like.  So here are my top three makeup routines, for the minimalist girls out there:foggydress_lipstickI like to go makeup-less most of the time, but I always always apply a face moisturizer with SPF. I like all kinds of moisturizers, but my current favorite is Olay Complete.

foggydress_lipstickWhen I have to go into work, a church activity, or something casual  during the week, I like to add mascara (I love Lash Blast Volume) and blush (the one I use, some one gave me…don’t know the brand!). I also love C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve for my go-to lip moisturizer.


On the weekends, going out with friends, with my husband, or to church, I do like dressing up a bit. I LOVE Bobby Brown’s Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, but also love Sephora’s knock off version (it’s cheaper). I bounce between these Mac, Revlon, and Sephora brands/lipsticks colors, often layering them to get a different color.

Have you always worn makeup? Or were you like me and put it off until college/post college to get into it? I love me a little makeup, but I, by no means, am afraid to go out in public makeup-free. Hope this was useful for some of you!