Dress // For Fall


First fall flatlay.

BCBG Marled Turtleneck via Le Tote | Flea Market Flare Denim via Madewell  | Toe-show Boots via Target

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Chicken Lime Soup

It’s soup season! All month long, we want to bring you our favorite soups. I’ve been craving two things lately, fresh lime and soup. So when I came across this recipe I was ecstatic that the universe answered my stomach’s prayers. The 10 minute prep time and hour simmer time (you don’t have to watch the pot!) means easy prep, easy cleanup, and a rich delicious tasting soup. I hope you enjoy…



The combination of onions, garlic, and jalapeño, makes the perfect base while the flavors from the bone in chicken will provide the greatest depth of flavor to the broth. I use the grill pack of chicken where the meat comes pre-cut in pieces. And you will need a bigger pot for this recipe as it does use a whole chicken. Keep reading for the recipe…

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8 Stunning Bathrooms

Because I’m obsessed with Flip or Flop, I have dreams of buying a crappy house, doing a full gut, and making my house beautiful. Dreams….that’s what these bathrooms are! Clean white, modern wood, brass, some dark navy blues, marble, honeycomb, detached bathtub, wall mount toilet, a hint of color here or there. 😍😍😍😍😍 Do you dream about bathrooms too?? I hope these inspire you… Happy weekend XO.


photo via Amber Interiors


photo via Amber Interiors


photo via: Decor Pad


photo via: Inside Out


photo via Amber Interiors


photo via: Decor Pad


photo via: Elizabeth Herier


photo via: Coco.Kelley

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Dress // In (Almost) All Black

I fell in love with these feathery flowers so I had to take them home with me.

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Easy Oven Crisped Green Beans


Green Beans Vertical with font

I have this thing with garlic. It’s in almost all my recipes. I need it. I love it and it’s good for you too. My co-worker recently shared a bite of some delicious garlicky green beans that made me realize we NEVER eat green beans at home because I hate blanching them. I admire and kowtow to people who do it, but I can’t bring myself to a) waste perfectly tasty ice cubes (I don’t have an automatic ice maker so I do it old school and that means every cube in that plastic tray counts)  and b) it’s just another step in the whole cooking and cleaning process (I also don’t have an automatic dishwasher). If you couldn’t tell by my last post, I prefer garlic-filled one dish wonders. This green bean recipe is just that! Get excited for this brilliant side dish that will take less than 10 minutes of prep and 12 minutes to bake.

DSC_0743 DSC_0737

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